The torpedo, mine and anti-mine weapons and also hydroacoustic countermeasure means and autonomous unmanned underwater vehicles are the main types of products manufactured by the Concern.


    Over its long-term scientific and research activity the Institute has developed and put to Russian Navy commission about 180 patterns of underwater weapon and arms (near to 95% of the Navy stock). 36 patterns were supplied to Navies of 24 countries worldwide. The Institute realized next to 1000 R&Ds and legalized over 5000 inventor's certificates and patents.


    According to Decrees of the USSR Presidium of the Supreme Soviet, the Gidropribor’s achievements in development of up-to-date underwater weapon were awarded the orders “La-bour Red Flag” (1966) and “October Revolution” (1982). Development activities for 19 patterns of underwater systems were awarded the Lenin’, State and Governmental prizes. Eight workers were awarded the Lenin’ prize, 28 workers obtained the State prize, and 421 workers awarded the high state prizes.

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