Unmanned underwater vehicles

The autonomous unmanned underwater vehicles (AUUVs) are rather new and intensive-developing branch of both civil and naval marine technologies.
AUUVs are used extensively to explore and develop natural resources of the great oceans.

The combat use includes AUUVs application in areas risky or inaccessible for submarines surface ships and vessels. AUUVs should extend the range of traditional underwater weapon and systems as a key resource of noncontact maritime warfare. They could ensure the safety of manned platforms resulting in essential increase of the naval capabilities. 

The Concern “Sea Underwater Weapon - Gidropribor” has the large experience in develop-ing AUUVs for civil and combat applications.

The first civil-purpose vehicle was AUUV “Yantar” designed for underwater search down to 6000 m. The system was developed and put into service in 1991.

Nowadays the Concern continues research works to develop next-generation AUUVs.

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