Sea mines

Sea mines could either be the dangerous and stealth enemy or the partner which provides any coastal state with sea protection, without regard to its technological strength. The mines along with the nuclear weapon are the real constraint. They force the hostile navies (including those with nuclear-missile weapon) rather out of the seacoast and make it possible to control vast theaters of naval operations.

JSC “Concern “Sea Underwater Weapon - Gidropribor” develops the full range of modern sea mines including bottom and anchored mines, torpedo mines and rocket mines which can be used both as defensive and offensive capabilities in tactical, strategic and political missions.

The Concern-produced mines can be used from any platform (surface ships, submarines and aircrafts) against different targets (surface ships and submarines). 

The mine influence equipment responses to the target physical fields and is based on the microprocessor technology that provides perfect classification capability as well as detection and kill capability to counter state-of-the-art reduced-field ship and subs.

Achievements in development of field sensors and data processing algorithms together with up-to-date underwater communications enable our experts to implement the advanced con-cept of smart mines. The mines remote control and incorporating into the underwater situation coverage system make it possible to meet efficiently the essentially new challenges on the ocean theater of naval operations.

The Concern-developed sea mines are the intelligent weapon with high capabilities to meet both the mine-specified and unique challenges. 

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